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Quang NguyenInvestment Advisor Representative

Quang Nguyen
Investment Advisor Representative


Quang is a native of Vietnam, and upon completing his Business Degree, he quickly realized his passion for the financial services industry. He found that just as mastering the English language is one key to success in America so is the need for individuals to have a solid financial strategy. Recognized as a versatile communicator among families and businesses, Quang provides incisive advice developing directions and strategies for discretionary income. 

Upon becoming an Investment Advisor Representative and a Dave Ramsey Smartvestor Pro*, he has assisted clients in securing their safety and maintaining their financial independence throughout retirement:

  • Preserving hard-earned assets
  • Maximizing and pinpointing the best time to draw Social Security benefits
  • Reducing estate taxes **
  • Legacy planning
  • Ensuring continuity of assets to beneficiaries

Besides helping clients to build a solid financial plan, Quang has also been giving back to the community, especially his Vietnamese community. In 2010, he started a class to teach third generation Vietnamese children how to speak and write their native language. Recently, he is putting together a monthly newsletter for the Viet's community to help educate them on their financial planning. You can check out his story on Tedx at "From the sandwich to the Business"

Quang recently got featured on the Sunday front page of the Portland Press Herald for his accomplishmentsThe naturalized citizen: He came here to study and stayed to thrive 


*SmartVestor Pro is a paid advertisement.
**Registered representatives do not provide tax and/or legal advice. Clients should confer with their qualified legal, tax and accounting advisors as appropriate.